Who Should Register?

The list of what shouldn’t be registered is much shorter, so we will cover these instead 🙂
We all hate having our time wasted!

These are some of the things that should NOT be registered with SAL:

  1. Coursework assignments – your course coordinator has already organised everything you need.
    You should be talking to them and getting support from the subject tutor(s).
  2. Short (6 weeks or less) research projects where all you want is data from a third party. Spatial data licences take time, you haven’t left us enough…
  3. Projects that are almost finished but need data from a third party.
    See 2 (above), you probably should have been in contact sooner 😦
  4. Research that is not being done under the auspices of UOW.
    You can have external partners in a UOW research project, but you cannot BE the external partner and register the research with SAL.

Now, having said this, you can register if you fall into category 2 or 3, just be prepared to be disappointed! We will always do our best, but some things require the coordination of many parties and this takes TIME – the very thing you don’t have.

Short research student and staff projects needing technical support or SAL repository data are very welcome. We can handle these things internally and that does not usually require the same lead times – that said, they still take more than no time, so please remember that we will need some! 😉