Useful Resources


From Geoscience Australia

A Review of Spatial Interpolation Methods for Environmental Scientists

Information on the Geodetic Datum of Australia (GDA)
Information on the Australian Height Datum (AHD) can be found here & here

Documentation for the SEES RTK Equipment

RTK GPS Corsnet Setup
RTK GPS and Base Station

Some Free Software Training Resources…

Esri’s MOOC Program


Cyclone Tutorial and YouTube Playlist by C.R.Kennedy

From the Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Webinars and Tutorials on the GeoFabric

Australian Baseline Sea Level Monitoring Project
Hourly Sea Level and Meteorological Data

From the Australian Bureau of Statistics

Statistical Geography Home
ASGS Fact Sheets & ABS Geography FAQs

Satellite Imagery Search Services

USGS EarthExplorer
The Long Term Archive (LTA) at the National Center for Earth Resource Observations and Science (EROS) is one of the largest civilian remote sensing data archives.

NASA Worldview
Interactive interface for browsing full-resolution, global, near real-time satellite imagery.

NASA Earthdata Search
search, discover, visualize, refine, and access NASA Earth Observation data