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saltech02 – webservices & Basemaps in ArcGIS

Next week in Session Two (Tuesday 19th July) we have Webservices and Basemaps up for discussion. Having data immediately available in ArcMap when you want it is definitely a ‘very good thing‘. However, it can pose some hidden traps for longer research projects if… Continue Reading “saltech02 – webservices & Basemaps in ArcGIS”

SALTECH01 2016

The first SALTECH session for 2016 will be held next Tuesday.What’s a SALTECH session? Glad you asked! It’s 90 minutes, twice a fortnight during the months of July to September for us to get together and indulge in all things geospatial 🙂 More practically,… Continue Reading “SALTECH01 2016”

Welcome to the SAL Tech Blog

This blog is an experiment for 2015. If it works, we’ll try to keep it up 😉