Geospatial Resources in STF


There are a number of datasets and simulations available for use with the iGlobe, a list is available from the SEES Moodle Site and you will need to login to access the PDF.

Computers On Wheels (COWs)

SAL provides technical support for the geospatial software running on the COWs in Bldg 43:

  • Google Earth
  • ArcGIS version 10.7.1
  • ArcGIS Pro version 2.4.1
  • ENVI (remote sensing software)

Android Tablets

If you are using the SEALS Android Tablets for a location-aware exercise, SAL can provide technical support for the software and data that underpin the practical work. Examples of what this may include are:

  • Google Earth
  • a location-aware PDF app
  • a web-mapping app running in a browser (eg chrome, firefox, etc)