Spatial Teaching Lab (43.G06)

Located on the ground floor of the Science Teaching Facility (Bld 43), the Spatial Teaching Lab (STL) is being refreshed over the 2021/2022 Summer Session. In addition to the usual computer refresh, the space is being redesigned from a “traditional computer lab” to a more collaborative “blended learning space”.

There will be a slight drop in the number of individual computers, from 25 to 18, and the overhead projector is being removed from the centre of the room. This will allow for the central space to be opened up and four tables on wheels to be introduced into the room. The projector is being replaced by a large screen that will be mounted on one of the room walls, it will have all the same software as the COWs that are used elsewhere on the ground floor in Bld 43 and there will be space for one of the COWS to be booked and brought into the room as needed.

The exact orientation of the final layout will be dependent on the locations of existing ports, powerpoints and where the large monitor can be mounted. These will be resolved once the current semester completes and the furniture can be pulled away from the walls.

Existing Layout

Collaborative Blended Teaching Space – Potential Layouts