Skills Refreshers

Need to brush up on something geospatial?

What I have collected here are resources on topics that are often revisited in technical support meetings in SAL.

It is certainly not a definitive collection of resoures on any of these topics and is definitely biased towards the preferences and learning styles encoutered more often in the disciplines with which SAL works most frequently – for obvious reasons!
We use what has worked for previous students and what we have available.
Strangely, we cater to our own unique environment 😉

Want to know more about:

|   How GPS trilateration works?   |   How RTK works   |

|   Interpolation Methods for Environmetal Scientists?   |

|   Datums and Projections   |
|   The Geographic Datum of Australia (GDA94)?   |
|   The Australian Height Datum (AHD)?  here & here   |