Spatial Data Processing (SDP) Computers

Splasher_processing_blurThese two Spatial Data Processing  (SDP) computers have been specially configured to optimise the processing of large spatial datasets.

Please respect the bookings/jobs of other researchers.
The work done on these machines typically takes longer than usual to complete. The researcher is not seated continuously at the computer as a result. If you try to log in or interfere with the system in any way, you are very likely to corrupt or crash their work. This will require them to start again, delaying their research and extending the amount of time they will need access to the machine.

There are some additional requirements attached to use of SDP machines:

  1. Do not store any files on the desktop of these machines – unless they are directly involved in the processing work you are doing. Splasher_job_blur_yellow
  2. Do not store any files in the My Documents folders of these machines – unless they are directly involved in the processing work you are doing.
  3. Store and prepare the data needed for the job, in the appropriate structure for processing on the D: drive then copy only what you need into the correct location on the C: drive for the job you are working on.
  4. Once a stage is complete, make a backup of the results and remove any files not needed for the next process from the C: drive.Stage: A set of procedures undertaken within a planned job.
  5. Once you have finished a job, remove all the files related to your work from the C: so that the next user has access to all the available space on the C: for their processing jobs.

Doing these things will increase the chances that your job will complete successfully and in the optimum amount of time.


If you require access to an SDP computer and are having trouble obtaining a booking window, or you need new software installed for your research, please contact Korin 🙂