SALtech Session Topics

Session Times are usually the
Last Wednesday of Every Month
February to August
SEES Map Library and Collaboration Space



Fieldwork Planning for Data Analysis
How to make sure you have what you need when you get back to the office!


Geospatial Data Sources, Metadata,  WebServices
All data is equal – some is just more equal, isn’t it?
When do I metadata?
Web-services vs a copy of my very own


Datums, Coordinate Systems & Projections
Is my ‘where’ where I think it is?
How do I get it where I think it should be when I try to use it?


Geographic Information Science Model Development
Inputs to Outputs
The How – so your great Uncle gets it
No GIS software needed 😉


Geographic Information Science and Computing
Spatial Data Mgmt in a Project – tips & tricks
Tools vs Techniques/Methods
How to minimise your computing grief and optimise your screen time


Geographic Information Science Model Application
Implementation of your human-readable model on a machine
troubleshooting pre-processing of data
troubleshooting model implementation


Making Maps: The Good, The Bad, and the What the?!?
A discussion about what makes a map ‘good’ and ways to tell if your map isn’t doing its job correctly.
Also. Thesis data citations, anyone?



Check the home page regularly or sign up to follow the blog for reminders. The session dates may need to be adjusted due to competition for the Map Library, it’s a popular place!