SAL Virtual Room

If you have been invited to the SAL Virtual Room ( you may be wondering how to join the meeting. During the Drop-In Sessions, the room has a capacity of 12 people, so if you are not being let in, it may be because the room is currently full.

On a computer


Click on the link

Or copy the it into Firefox, Chrome or a Chromium-based web browser (Vivaldi, Opera) if it does not open.

Click here for more info on supported platforms


Type in your name

If you are on a computer without a camera, this is the only way the host will know it is you when you knock!


Allow Access

To set up your camera and mic, you will need to click on “Request Permission” and then click “Allow” in the browser pop-up to confirm.


Join Meeting / Knock!

After allowing access to the camera and mic, you will see an image of yourself and a camera and a microphone symbol that you can use to turn the camera and mic on and off.

For a more detailed set of instructions see the Whereby Help Page

Safari and Microsoft Edge are only partially supported at the moment.
If IT is not your thing, use Chrome, Firefox or the iOS app (depending on your device) for joining meetings in the SAL Virtual Room.

iOS Devices

The free iOS Whereby App offers all the features of the browser version except for screen-sharing. You can get the app from the Apple Store

Android Devices

Use the Chrome browser on your Android device to join meetings and access all the features of the Whereby platform.