SAL Technical Support

Hi, my name is Korin Brown and I am a Geospatial Systems Analyst and the Senior Technical Officer for the Spatial Analysis Labs.

A crucial part of my role is to provide technical support to teaching and research projects registered with the SAL. Technical support is different to the role of an academic or a research supervisor. For example, my contribution when working with a researcher (student or staff) is focused only on the GIS&T technical component of the work or challenge at hand while remaining aware that it occurs within a broader context. The person or project team I am working with is the subject matter expert in their area of expertise. Together, we troubleshoot specific problems related to geospatial tools, techniques, and methods to assist them in progressing their work.

If academic advice is required, an appropriate advisor under the Academic Advice to Students Policy must be consulted.

One of the changes introduced by COVID-19 is that SAL meetings and computer technical support is now provided via video meet-ups.
This enables us to share a single computer/screen in a safe way.
It also means you can show me what is happening in the environment it is occurring, using your normal workflow – which is a huge advantage for troubleshooting technical issues 😉

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You do not need to have a camera, it can help but is not essential, and a cheap pair of headphones with a microphone can be obtained from many places from $5-$15.

Generic wired earbuds with inline microphone

Ensure your set is wired (has an audio jack) if you are going to connect from TOL!

The key thing is that we can share our screens when needed. You can show what s going wrong or causing you difficulties, in the environment you are experiencing the issue.

Spinning Earth with Cloud Cover

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