SAL Teaching Support

It can be hard to define what “support” for teaching is at times, particularly when it comes to digital realms like GIS&T and Remote Sensing. This page will provide examples from both directions (what can be done and what cannot be done) to assist teaching staff in knowing what support is available for teaching through SAL.

Teaching Support Meetings

In Scope

  • creation of technical resources that are about geospatial tools or technologies that will be of benefit to multiple subjects. Examples include:
    • ArcGIS installation instructions
    • Quick start guides for geospatial equipment from the field store used in teaching
  • development of custom arcGIS online tools hosted from our geouow instance to support a course assessment or learning outcome. Includes:
    • either constructing the application or providing teachnical support for the person creating the tool
    • management of the student accounts for tools requiring analysis functionality
  • management of the arcGIS, and other, license server(s); ensuring there are sufficient licences available to meet demand during practical and peak assessment and exam study periods.
  • technical support around the use of applied spatial science in any way that falls under the GIS&T Body of Knowledge. Examples include:
    • Cartography and Visualisation
    • Aerial imagery, satellite and shipboard remote sensing
    • Legal and ethical aspects (DAAs, data aggregation and privacy, etc)
    • Analytical methods and Representation transformation
    • Spatial data handling
  • setting up a DAA and a selective release folder in Moodle so that only students who have completed the agreenent can access the geospatial data made available through moodle for the subject
  • working with academics to process and package data for subjects so that is can be distributed through supported UOW channels and available to students both in campus labs and working from home

Out of Scope

Things falling into this type of support may be available from some other part of the School/Faculty or University – asking is okay, wherever possible, direction to wherever this support may be available will be offered.

  • writing /updating practicals for a subject
  • setting up moodle other than implementing a DAA and a selective release folder so that only students who have completed the agreement can access the geospatial data made available through moodle for the subject
  • tasks that are officially performed by another area of the school/faculty/university or have been specifically declared not supported by the Head of School.