Other Resources

You still have to turn up to collect or use  any physical resources managed by SAL, that hasn’t changed!
But, some of the resources available from SAL can now be booked online 🙂

If you would rather browse a selection of the resources available from this site, rather than throw keywords at the search box, this page is the closest thing to a site index that is available. It is updated semi-frequently as new pages and information is added.

Confused about some of the terminology used in the Spatial Sciences and SAL?
SAL Vocabulary Dictionary
The Things to be aware of… page also contains several useful links that will explain acronyms and nomenclature around spatial data management and licencing.

Want to search the available Metadata Records?
SAL Data Searches
Or create your own metadata?

Need to use a computer in the TOL?
Spatial Research Machines Calendar & Bookings Page

Borrowing or Returning a Map from the Map Collection?
Map Collection Loans and Returns

Need the SEES Rugged Laptop for some field work?
SEES Rugged Laptop Calendar and Bookings Page

COWs, Quizdoms, Tablets for teaching are what you are after?
STF Equipment Booking Form is here