RPA Resources

While there is some debate around whether academic research is a “commercial” use of RPAs, the introduction of accreditation of all pilots flying drones greater than 250 grams confirms that CASA wants us to notify them of our intention to fly RPAs in these categories. The online form is available from a link under “Webforms” on the CASA Official Documents and Forms page. You will need to login using your aviation reference number (ARN) to access it.

CASA Website Resources

In addition to CASA’s official documents and forms, the following pages are good references to bookmark:

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service have a Drones in parks policy page for those planning field work that involves RPA data capture in any of their parks. Many states and territories have banned the use of drones in national parkland though, so you need to check the local laws for your study area. CASA has links to help you do this on their Flying in Public Spaces page.