SAL Project Registration

Who Should Register?

As part of this form, you will be asked to agree that you are aware of several UOW policies that inform SAL practices. If you are not familiar with these policies, click here for information and links for the UOW Delegations of Authority, IT Acceptable Use and Research Data Management Policies.

Scan this QR code if you are on a TOL computer and would prefer to register using your phone web browser,

Please Note
⁍ If you decide not to have a SAL Project Meeting, you limit the resources and support SAL can provide.
⁍ Your project does not have to be a “geospatial” project to register with SAL – you can register if you need access to any of the resources managed by SAL Tech Staff.
⁍ Not all registered projects use The Toni O’Neill Spatial Research Lab (TOL), if you also need to use the TOL then you need to complete the TOL Induction Form.

Wondering what happens After Registration?