A selection of webservices

As promised at the saltech session a couple of weeks ago, here are some useful webservices links.

spider web without a spiderRemember, these links are provided by kindly others and the data is subject to change. The service strength is subject to the vagaries of your internet connection and the data provider owes you nothing! They can cancel or change their service offering at any time, and in any way they like. They do not need to consult you, or even warn you 😉

With those caveats in mind, these are brilliant research resources and if you need a more stable access to any of the data, come and see us in SAL. Many of the providers are willing to make the data behind these services available for non-commercial research.

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saltech03 – drop in session

This weeks session is topic free!

Cube_worldAs I have been away for most of the last fortnight, I will be available in the map library to answer those questions I wasn’t around to answer if you have been looking for me 😉

Also open to more philosophical spatial technical discussions if that is where your project is at too. In fact, if someone brings me one of those, they get to be the Favorite SAL Researcher of saltech03! Now there’s an honour not to be taken lightly 😀

saltech02 – webservices & Basemaps in ArcGIS

WebserviceConnectionsNext week in Session Two (Tuesday 19th July) we have Webservices and Basemaps up for discussion. Having data immediately available in ArcMap when you want it is definitely a ‘very good thing‘. However, it can pose some hidden traps for longer research projects if you are not wary!

We are going to have a look at a couple of really useful spatial data webservices and some of the more commonly used Esri Basemaps, while sharing some free roaming chat about those pitfalls I mentioned, and how they can be managed.  As well, of course,  as discussing any projects or issues you would like to share with the group. Never under-estimate the experiences of your peers!  It can be unexpected, insightful, and often hilarious, to realise just how often we all hit up against the same brickwalls, while learning how others deal with it – or perhaps… don’t. Sometimes the methods found for going around things are the most fascinating of all!

Let me know if:
a) you plan to attend, and
b) there are any other topics you need covered sooner rather than later…
(hint, hint those finishing in October!)  😉

(edit: registration form removed post event)

SALTECH01 2016

The first SALTECH session for 2016 will be held next Tuesday.blue-globe-bannerWhat’s a SALTECH session?

Glad you asked!

It’s 90 minutes, twice a fortnight during the months of July to September for us to get together and indulge in all things geospatial 🙂

More practically, it’s a regular opportunity to have a bigger discussion about geospatial technical issues that are causing difficulties in research work being done by SAL members. I have a few topics up my sleeve for next week and have some resources we can look at, but I am also interested in your suggestions and requests (either via the comments or in person) for things you would like to cover. I can’t promise we will include them (this isn’t a training session!) but we will use the info to help build the resource links if what  you ask for isn’t covered.

So, whose invited?
Anyone using location-based information as a critical element of their research work!

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Academic Writing – help is available!

Inspired by several recent questions about writing up while I have been doing tech support in TOL, here are some resources that might help!

As with everything, key tips include:Keyboard

  1. plan your use of these resources, &
  2. allow time to get the benefit of them.

Good writing skills are universally useful, so the investment is one that will benefit you for the longer term 🙂 Read More

Cyber Security Seminar for Students

Mouse and keyThe University Information Management and Technology Services (IMTS) is running a Cyber Security Seminar for Students on Wednesday 21st September at 12.30 in Building 20.4 on the Main Campus.

If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your identity and personal information online, and how to reduce your chances of becoming a target of online crime, register for the seminar.

If you have any questions about the workshop, or other IT issues on campus, a great place to start is with the Student IT Support Centre.

Maps Tweaks – grid label orientation

image of a blank layout showing a measured grid around a data I was asked today whether it was possible to change the orientation of the coordinate labels on the right hand side of a map layout so that, instead of the bottom of the text facing the edge of the page, they would face the edge of the map.

The good news – it is 🙂

In slightly more frustrating news – its a bit more fiddly than we’d like :facepalm:

If you need to do it though, the steps are below the cut… Read More

New Resources!

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog of late, but lots has happened in and around SEES and SAL so we know you haven’t been left with nothing to do 😉

We had our new Science Teaching Facility opened by Australia’s Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb AC on Tuesday afternoon and have been busy getting our teaching spaces on the ground floor ready for use. Reports from those that have used the new labs indicate that all is going well.

We have also been busy in SAL, and have some new resources available from the Portal website for you to use: Read More

SAL Sessions

FakeBallotIf there is enough interest, we are going to try running a weekly, half-hour, informal discussion in SAL during Autumn session. In order to give these sessions the greatest chance of actually being helpful to you, below is your chance to vote for and/or nominate some topics for each week’s discussion, but more of that under the cut.

While not yet confirmed, 12pm on Wednesdays is currently the most likely time slot. If that is an awful time and you really want to take part, let me know (in the comments or in person) and, if there is consensus on another time or day, we will make that work if we can.

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Field Work Planning – Have you done yours?

dirt_trackIt can be kind of liberating to get out into the field early in a new research project. Without a sampling strategy and data collection plan though, you are probably wasting your limited research money 😦

Fortunately, there are heaps of ways to get some perspective on, and put together a plan for, your study site(s) before your feet pound the trail!

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