GPS Trip Planning

If you are going out into the field and have enough flexibility in your planning to factor in getting the best possible satellite coverage for your GPS data collection, the Trimble GNSS Planning Online tool is definitely worth checking out. Read More

Printable 3D Terrain Models

Touch Terrain is a webservice developed by Chris Harding and Franek Hasiuk of Iowa State University’s GeoFabLab. The tagline of the site is:

Easily Create 3D-Printable Terrain Models

The tool uses a Google API to help you select your area of interest, so they aren’t joking about it being easy when it comes to finding the where for your model!

The rest of the interface is refreshingly straightforward too, providing heaps of options for customisation. Including three worldwide elevation models, hillshading options, and three export formats 🙂

I don’t have access to a 3D printer  😦
But! The image above is a model of Wollongong I created using TouchTerrain and the TouchTerrain for CAGEO viewing tool  😀

You can see one of Chris Harding’s models online here. There is more detailed elevation data available over the US, so US models are more detailed…

SALtech – March 2017

The first session of 2017 will be

Fieldwork Planning for Data Analysis
12 pm Tuesday 7th March
Map Collection & Collaboration Room

Topics up for discussion will include:

  • resources for exploring your study area from the desktop
  • identifying attributes to collect while in the field
  • Points, line or polygons?
    What’s the best way to capture your feature(s) of interest…?
  • Field based coordinates and map projections
  • Sampling Strategies –
    • can it be implemented in the field based on the planning you have done?
    • will it allow you to do the analysis you hope to do once back in the office?
    • should you pre-load your sampling strategy into a GPS?

If you are planning to join us, please let me know  🙂

[edit: registration form removed after event]

2017 SALtech Sessions

Planning for the 2017 SALtech Sessions is underway.
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Session Times are expected to be the
First Tuesday of Every Month
from March to October in the
SEES Map Library and Collaboration Space

The topics for the 2017 sessions are still being settled, so, if you have something you’d like to see included, SPEAK UP  🙂

Read More

Share Drive Migration

IMTS has invested in a storage upgrade that requires all project shares to be migrated to a new system. The Shares (S:\Drives) are being migrated onto the new hardware out of hours so you can continue working as normally as possible.

Each migration will be done overnight, in a single night, over coming weeks.

If you will be working overnight at specific times, or have periods when you cannot afford any interruption in access to your project share, please let SAL Tech Staff or the IMTS team know via email as soon as possible.


Bld 41 Closure & Power Outages tomorrow

Due to mandatory service of the electrical sub-station that serves Building 41, there will be complete outage of all power tomorrow, 11th January, between 6am – 8am, and between 8pm – 10pm.

For safety reasons, the building will be closed to all occupants during these times.

You will not be able to work in TOL during these times, or leave jobs processing.

If you are using a TOL computer today or tomorrow, please shut it down when you are finished and turn off the monitors, rather than just logging off. Essential power will be provided by a generator, however a restricted load will help ensure that the building will be able to operate safely.

So, Jan 2017, what are you up to?

While the temperatures suggest that summer is in full swing, SAL is gearing up for another year of geospatial goodness  🙂 cat_wharf

We have returned from that mysterious week in which the university goes quiet and have started working on all the things that I alluded to last year. Before I launch into reviewing some of those details, I have some very exciting news! Read More

Service Interruption 21/12

There will be a brief service interruption lasting up to 5 minutes to all services this Wednesday 21 December between 6:30PM – 7:00PM (AEDT).

Local TOL services will be available but access to your shares and software that relies upon the network for licencing or data may be affected. You will also not be able to log on to TOL machine during the service interruption.

Please be patient while IMTS look after our computing infrastructure for us  🙂