Metadata Creation

There really is no time like the present when it comes to recording the details of your valuable research data!

Use the SAL Metadata Record Creator to capture the vital contextual data that adds meaning and enables the true worth of your work to be understood by others. Whether they are trying to understand your research or evaluate your data using a fit-for-purpose assessment for use in their own work; metadata is what turns a “bunch of files” into a Dataset.

The SAL Metadata Creator provides a series of questions that will prompt you to record the contextual information that adds value to the data you have created.

You can print the form using your browser print function / a screen capture tool OR you can simply select “YES” to having a copy of your submission forwarded to you. The data you enter on the form goes into a database as, in our experience, over the course of a project emails, can get buried and … misplaced. As we recommend creating metadata as you go, should you want it, we want to provide the option of being able to hand you a copy of all the metadata you have created during your research project once you get close to completion or when you ask.

Or, you can download this editable PDF if you would prefer to use copies of that.

It’s all part of supporting your research and helping you add value to the work you do.