Licencing eCognition on TOL06

The first time you open the software, you will see the following notice:

First load when using a “new” or reset profile on TOL06

Click on OK
The Dialog box will sit for a moment, and the mouse pointer will show you the “thinking wheel” if it is over the Cognition dialog box. Then a new dialog box will appear telling you the software has encountered an error in obtaining a licence:

Software checking for a licence
No local licence found on this machine

You need to tell the software where to look for the licence. To do this, change the selescted radio button from the top option to the bottom one and enter the text you have been given by SAL Technical Support:

If you have typed in the address correctly, the licence service is running and the UOW intranet is working (which is 99% of the time), then the software should open for you when you click OK: