Installing ArcGIS v10.x

To get ArcGIS working is a three step process. You need to activate the code you have received, install the software AND authorise the software.

To ACTIVATE your code

  1. Create and/or log in to your Esri Global Account

    ArcGIS Student Edition Activation Login Screenshot

    ArcGIS_Activation Page Screenshot
  3. The next screen allows you to download different versions of ArcGIS.
    If you want to use the same version of ArcGIS being run on campus, use the install files shared with you by SAL.
    REMEMBER – there is no technical support available with these licences.

To INSTALL the files shared by SAL

  1. Ensure that you have uninstalled any previous versions of ArcGIS.
  2. Start with the file number 1_
    Follow the prompts, keeping all the default settings.
    If you get a message saying that a DOT net environment is missing, cancel the install and install the file in the folder called “Install this if your computer says you are missing a DOTnet thing” first. Once this is done, then run the file that has the name starting with 1_ again.
  3. Repeat the process of running the file, and following the prompts (using the default settings) for each of the files, in numbered order.
  4. If you do not wish to install all of them, your installation will not match that of the computers you use at uni, and depending on which ones you miss, some functionality may be missing.

To AUTHORISE your software

  1. Open ArcGIS Administrator
    ArcGIS Administrator Start Menu Screeenshot
  2. Select “Desktop” in the tree on the lefthand window.
  3. Select “ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced (Single Use)”, and click Authorize Now on the right.
  4. Verify the software you selected is listed at the top of the box.
    Click OK.
  5. Select “I have installed my software and need to authorise it.”
    Click Next.
  6. Select “Authorize with Esri now using the Internet.”
    Click Next.
    If you do not have an Internet connection on the computer you intend to install the software on, you can authorise the software using another computer that has Internet access or via e-mail.
  7. Enter your personal information (2 panels).
    Click Next on both.
  8. When prompted, accept the default, I do not wish to authorise any extensions at this time. The extensions will be authorized automatically.
  9. Enter your 12-character authorisation number (EVAxxxxxxxxx)
    Click Next.
  10. Authorisation typically takes between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
    After the authorisation process is complete, click Finish.
  11. Click OK to close the ArcGIS Administrator.
    The software is ready to use.

ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.x system requirements