Drone Accreditation

CASA, Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority will be introducing Accreditation to ensure UAV operators have learnt the “standard operating conditions’ and can follow the drone safety rules.

While we do not need to be accredited right now, we still have an obligation to fly safely and we can be ready for when accreditation is introduced.

Who will be affected?

If you have been flying under the categories:

  • Sub 2 Kg
  • Flying over your own land
  • Flying for fun and your UAV weighs more than 250 grams

How do we get ready?

  • Have an appropriate proof of identification.
  • Have an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) – these are free
  • Have a myCASA account.

You can apply for an ARN on the CASA website.

What will we need to do?

  1. Watch a short safety video
  2. Pass an online quiz

The quiz can be taken more than once, if necessary, and a certificate is issued on passing. It will be downloadable from the myCASA portal.

Flying Safely before Accreditation starts