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SAL has two technical staff positions, whose current availability you can check on the Service Updates page.
One role is full-time, the other is part-time (50%).

What do the SAL Technical Staff Do?

A crucial part of our role is to provide “support to teaching and research activities” to our School’s academics and research students.

In the remaining time, the one and a half full-time staff also manage/maintain/support the SAL Spatial Data Repository and:

  • facilitate researchers in their abilities to:
    • build and sustain metadata records for their own research spatial data.
    • engage with the UOW spatial data legal policy and research data management frameworks
    • enhance their digital data management skills in complex digital environments to assist in improving the identification of critical spatial data outcomes from research activities
  • to promote and improve access to the Repository’s metadata and the geospatial data it represents

This is done via face to face collaboration, through the development of resources (some of which you will find on, or linked from this site), or through the identification of individual projects. If there is something you want us to work on with you, please speak to us.

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SAL Expertise & Ontological Presumptions
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What does “Research Support” mean?

As the technical staff in the Spatial Analysis Labs, we provide support for the geospatial software used in the Toni O’Neil Spatial Research Lab (TOL). As this is a ‘research lab’ and registered projects can request the addition of new software, this is a potentially limitless list of software!

The software that receives primary -level support is the core geospatial teaching software:

  • ArcGIS
  • ENVI

We also support a range of other commonly used software packages, but these can and do change over time as research interests change.

One of the reasons the changing nature of software is not a problem is because we also support geospatial  PROJECTS and geospatial DATA. By providing research support to projects and all types of geospatial data, we assist our researchers in finding the best approaches and tools for addressing their research concerns; it allows us to flexible and vendor agnostic.

Our philosophy is that any research process supported by SAL will be


by you!
It is your research after all  😉

You can register your research here – tell us what you know now.
It helps us prepare to meet with you and make the best use of the time we have together in each meeting about your research project.

What does “Teaching Support” mean?

The SAL Technical can help you work out how to incorporate any of the available geospatial resources into your teaching if you would like us to. If you provide us with guidelines (data themes /description of what you want and a study area), we are also happy to source data suitable for use in teaching for you and do any necessary pre-prep for or in consultation with a developed or developing practical exercise.

We cannot develop, write or prepare coursework pracs. This is considered an ‘academic activity’ and is outside the scope of our remit as ‘technical staff.’

If you are seeking support in exploring ideas on how geospatial information science and technology (GIS&T) may be something that could enhance your teaching practice – we can show you how the technical side of such a move may impact on your options. Whether you are considering a light flirt or a radical overhaul, we can assist you in both understanding and managing the technical footprint of GIS&T enablement in your subject delivery.

Course Coordinator’s
Register your Subject as a Project

Register each subject as a separate project; they do not need to be re-registered every year. If this is the first time you have run a course and you do not know if it has been registered before – complete a new registration form and submit it, we can sort it out once we start working together 🙂