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Are you using Basemaps in ArcGIS 10.x?

Do you need to access BaseMaps from an ESRI Server?
You need to patch your ArcGIS Desktop Installation!

Exploring your Study Area

Sometimes, you just need to see your research area to help get a handle on what you are doing. There are a number of online tools that can help you get an overview of your site, here are some to get you started…

GPS Trip Planning

If you are going out into the field and have enough flexibility in your planning to factor in getting the best possible satellite coverage for your GPS data collection, the Trimble GNSS Planning Online tool is definitely worth checking out.

Printable 3D Terrain Models

This webtool is in early development, it was lots of fun to play with though. All I need now is access to a 3D printer!

A selection of webservices

As promised at the saltech session a couple of weeks ago, here are some useful webservices links. Remember, these links are provided by kindly others and the data is subject to change. The service strength is subject to the vagaries of your internet connection… Continue Reading “A selection of webservices”