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SALtech – March 2017

The first SALtech session for 2017 is happening tomorrow!
Fieldwork Planning for Data Analysis
12pm in Map Collection Room (41.G03A) – RSVP form in the post

2017 SALtech Sessions

Session Times will be the first Tuesday of every month from March to October in the SEES Map Library and Collaboration Space

SALtech 2016 – reflections

The final SALtech session for 2016 will not be going ahead tomorrow as the Map Library is being used for the Early Admission Interviews. It’s been a good three months, we’ve covered a significant number of topics. Over our six sessions, our discussions have… Continue Reading “SALtech 2016 – reflections”

saltech05 – online spatial training

Given the recent changes to the esri virtual campus, it seems a good time to provide a sneak peek into the new Virtual Campus and have a chat about the MOOCs that esri have been running on the regular. We also have pointers to… Continue Reading “saltech05 – online spatial training”

saltech04 – maps and diagrams

It’s halfway through the SAL Tech Sessions, so it’s probably a good time to tackle any issues relating to the creation of maps and diagrams using the spatial data you have all collated/created. I have had a few questions in the last fortnight so… Continue Reading “saltech04 – maps and diagrams”

saltech03 – drop in session

This weeks session is topic free! As I have been away for most of the last fortnight, I will be available in the map library to answer those questions I wasn’t around to answer if you have been looking for me 😉 Also open… Continue Reading “saltech03 – drop in session”

saltech02 – webservices & Basemaps in ArcGIS

Next week in Session Two (Tuesday 19th July) we have Webservices and Basemaps up for discussion. Having data immediately available in ArcMap when you want it is definitely a ‘very good thing‘. However, it can pose some hidden traps for longer research projects if… Continue Reading “saltech02 – webservices & Basemaps in ArcGIS”

SALTECH01 2016

The first SALTECH session for 2016 will be held next Tuesday.What’s a SALTECH session? Glad you asked! It’s 90 minutes, twice a fortnight during the months of July to September for us to get together and indulge in all things geospatial 🙂 More practically,… Continue Reading “SALTECH01 2016”

SAL Sessions

If there is enough interest, we are going to try running a weekly, half-hour, informal discussion in SAL during Autumn session. In order to give these sessions the greatest chance of actually being helpful to you, below is your chance to vote for and/or… Continue Reading “SAL Sessions”