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Australian Privacy Awareness Week

This year Mimecast is marking Australian Privacy Awareness week by releasing a short video on the Australian Privacy Act: Click the play icon on the above image on the page that opens when you click on the image above to take a lighthearted tour… Continue Reading “Australian Privacy Awareness Week”

Portal Spring Clean

🌺🌼🌺🌼🌺 The SAL Portal has been restructured over the last few days, so menus and links may not be exactly where you have found them for the previous two years. You will notice that the menu structure has been simplified, and the three top-level… Continue Reading “Portal Spring Clean”

Bldg 41: Rolling Restricted Access tomorrow

Lab closed due to the scheduled building maintenance: Sat 6th July, 2019

Digital Globe 2018 Hackathon Challenge

Do you have a competitive idea that would leverage Digital Globe’s GBDX and high-resolution satellite imagery to extract critical insights that directly support Australian Environmental Goals?

Application Deadline is 5pm EST, May 10th

So, Jan 2017, what are you up to?

Update on what is planned in SAL for this month & introducing the new SAL Tech staff member!

GDA2020 is coming!

Australia is modernising its datum in two stages over the next few years and stage one starts next month. Wait! What?!? Why? I hear you ask with gasps of horror. Well, it is necessary for a couple of reasons. The GDA94 datum does not… Continue Reading “GDA2020 is coming!”

Cyber Security Seminar for Students

The University Information Management and Technology Services (IMTS) is running a Cyber Security Seminar for Students on Wednesday 21st September at 12.30 in Building 20.4 on the Main Campus. If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your identity and personal… Continue Reading “Cyber Security Seminar for Students”

Welcome to the SAL Tech Blog

This blog is an experiment for 2015. If it works, we’ll try to keep it up 😉