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ArcGIS Online – The Basics

ArcGIS Online is a webmapping service that can be used to create, view, and perform some analysis of georeferenced data. The “work” is done on a server somewhere that your device is connected to via a web-browser or a web-based application via the internet.… Continue Reading “ArcGIS Online – The Basics”

Password Management 2021

Seriously, if you do not use a password manager yet, this post has links to two articles with 2021 reviews of the best options. Get one!

Experimenting with Low-cost UAVs

DEM field capture using consumer grade drones is no longer ‘experimental’ – some of the advice from the early research still holds strong though!

SAL and Security – 2018 EoY Reminder

As we head out for the summer there are a couple of security issues related to working in SAL that are worth reviewing. Specifically, personal security and passwords 🙂
Do you have the SafeZone App and a password manager on your phone?

Exploring your Study Area

Sometimes, you just need to see your research area to help get a handle on what you are doing. There are a number of online tools that can help you get an overview of your site, here are some to get you started…

Droning On…..

Curious about UAVs or just needing to check up on the current state of play with the technology and legislation? CHOICE has just released a report on Drones and Australian Law and updated their Drone Reviews  🙂 While you need to be a CHOICE… Continue Reading “Droning On…..”