ArcGIS Research Users – Going Offline

Our Research Licence Server users can take an ArcGIS licence offline for limited periods of time.

The specific process for doing this differs between version 10 and Pro so here are some tips on how to do this for SAL ArcGIS researchers.

Version 10.x

As with all things licencing in Version 10.x, we use the ArcGIS Administrator to “borrow” a licence / take a licence offline.

It is best to ensure that all other ArcGIS version 10.x applications are closed – if one is open, then the Administrator interface may refuse to let you make any changes BECAUSE you are using ArcGIS.

In the Administrator interface, select the Borrow/Return item from the pane on the left:

Select all the Features you wish to borrow – ensure that the Desktop feature is one of them – by placing a tick in the box under “Borrowed”.

Once you have everything you want selected, click “Apply”. Administrator will talk to the server and check out the licences:

When the pop-up goes away, the Apply button will be grey – if you want to check that the licence(s) have been borrowed you can look at the Availability screen (directly above “Borrow/Return” in the left hand pane) in ArcGIS Administrator. While you are still connected to the licence server it will show you both the borrowed licences AND the licences available from the server:

For a borrowed licence there will be a “1” in the “Licenses” column and a “Yes” in the “Available” column. For the features that you have not pulled offline, the Licence and Available columns will list the total number of licences on the server and the available number of licences for that feature.

Note the different expiry date for the borrowed licences to those that are no borrowed.

The borrowed features will now work on your computer without an internet connection until the date indicated in YOUR ArcGIS Administrator screen.


ArcGIS Pro licencing is done within the software, to take an ArcGIS Pro licence offline.

Open ArcGIS Pro:

Click on Settings so that you ca access the Licensing Section from the menu on the left hand side of the screen:

Because you selected the extensions when you connected to the licence server, taking the core licence and extensions you have access to offline is done by placing a tick in the box two thirds of the way down the Licensing page:

When you tick the box, a new pop-up appears telling you the system is “Borrowing licenses…”

Once borrowed, the listed expiry dates will reflect the date your offline access will end. ArcGIS Pro will now work on your computer with no internet access. Remember there that any basemaps and other web-based data services will not be available while you are offline.

To return the licences early un-tick the “work offline” tick box.