After Registration…


Once your project is registered:

  1. We will contact you via email to arrange a meeting with you, and include your primary supervisor if you are a research student. Whether your supervisor(s) attend is a decision that you and your supervisors need to make.
  2. You can contact SAL Staff for technical assistance using email, or by simply dropping into SAL.
  3. If you use email to contact us, please send it from your UOW email account.
  4. If you choose to stop by in person, please be respectful of other people’s meetings with SAL staff.


Resources available once registered include:

A Project Share Space

A project share is a dedicated space on the UOW network in which you can store important project data and collaborate with your project team.Whether your project would benefit from access to a share is one of the topics discussed at the first project meeting after registration with SAL.

If you have a project share already created for your project, the following information may assist you:

If you need more space in your share:

  • Check that only material relevant to your research project is stored in the share.
  • Estimate how much additional space you think you will need, be realistic.
  • Ask for what you need, and remember you can always request another quota increase later if it is required.
  • Email Heidi with the size of the increase you are requesting and a simple (one line is usually enough) description of why you need the extra space.

If you need to add or remove someone from access to your share:

  • Email Heidi with the name, role, and UOW username of the person to be added.
  • Email Heidi with the name and UOW username of the person to be removed.

If you need to connect to your share on your personal computer over the wireless network:

  • Email Heidi to get the path to your share.
  • You will need to prefix your username withADUOW\ when mapping the drive.

The ESRI Virtual Campus

If it has been a while since you last flexed your ArcGIS muscles, or you are looking to extend your skills, we can provide you with access to a subset of the Virtual Campus through our Education Site Licence in support of your non-commercial research work.

Once you have access to the ESRI Virtual Campus, check out the Skills Refreshers Page if you are not sure where to start  🙂