Password Management 2021

We haven’t discussed password management on this blog since 2017, but the Verge Video shared in that post is still worth viewing if you are not sure why you need a password manager or what they do!

If you are looking for a password manager here in 2021 and do not know where to start, PC Mag released their summary of “The Best Password Managers for 2021” on April 2nd and “The Best Free Password Managers for 2021” on Feb 18th.

Passwords really do need to be longish and random.

You really do need to use a different password for every account you use.

Not being able to remember tens to hundreds of long and random passwords is completely normal.

Spend some time learning how to use a password manager – it’s a skill you will use almost every day for the rest of your life!

XKCD comic about password complexity vs password strength

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