Drone registration and operator accreditation – it’s the law

Mavic2 remotely piloted aircraft in the sky

If you fly a drone or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) for business or as part of your job, it must now be registered and its operator accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) before you fly – it’s the law.

Drone registration and operator accreditation applies to all drones flown for anything other than sport or recreation. This includes all professional activities such as research, training, community and government services, or any work undertaken on behalf of your employer.

You do not need an operator accreditation if you hold a remote pilot licence (RePL).

Registering your drone and obtaining an operator accreditation is free, fast, and can be completed online via myCASA.

Registration is valid for 12-months. Operator accreditation is valid for 3-years.

From 28 January 2021, penalties apply for flying an unregistered drone or without an operator accreditation. The fine is up to $11,100.

To learn more, or to register your drone and get accredited, visit the CASA website. Act now:

This information is taken directly from a CASA updated sent today
The update also contains information on changes to CASA-verified Safety Apps

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