Virtual Drop-In Sessions

Pictures of screens videoconferencing

Starting with once a week in February, I will be available in the SAL Virtual Room at a regular time each week. These sessions are open in a number of ways and are part of making SAL COVID-safe.

  • Some days, it is more productive to work when you are in company with others who are doing similar types of work to you – even if that company is is virtual. You can join a drop-in session and just hang-out while you do your work and I do mine!
  • During these sessions, I will be available to answer questions, discuss geospatial issues, etc. If you are working on something and not sure if you want or need help, participating in a Drop-In Session could be the option you have been looking for.
  • What you work in is open to where you are in your research project. Examples include:
    • Assessing the data available to your project and creating your Field Data Capture Plan
    • Doing pre-processing work to get your data ready for analysis
    • Working on your spatial data analysis
    • Doing spatial data housekeeping – cleaning up your active workspace, writing metadata for the datasets that are going through to the next phase of analysis, etc
    • Creating maps or geospatial-aware diagrams for your thesis or publication drafts

These Drop-In sessions are not for intensive one-on-ones, if there is something we are discussing gets too detailed or specific, I may suggest we make an appointment outside the Drop-In session. If there is something you want assistance with that you are not comfortable asking about in an open setting, remember you can always email me or book a personal appointment directly.

What you need to join the SAL Drop-In Session

  1. A computer that you can do your geospatial work on
  2. Access to the Internet
  3. Firefox, Chrome or a Chrome-based web-browser
  4. An audio headset or microphone that works with the computer you are using.
    • Two things to note if you are joining from the TOL:
      • There are two types of audio connections in this lab if you want to be able to video conference from both computers, you will need either an adaptor or two headsets:
      • Please be mindful of other lab users and that there is a permanent partition between the lab and the postgrad room to the north. The Lab is a Geospatial Collaborative Space, but the Postgrad Room is a space for quiet work and thinking – sometimes 24/7.
  5. A web camera (nice to have – but not available in TOL)

Many browsers are becoming more secure and will require to to give permission to Whereby (the platform used for the Drop-In Sessions) to access your microphone/camera. If you have these connected when you go to the Drop-In Session link, the browser should prompt you for this access.

If you are on the Whereby page and cannot turn on your mic or camera, you need to check:

  1. You are using a supported browser
  2. That your browser security settings have the device you cannot control “enabled”

There is no password required for accessing the SAL Virtual Room – Ensure you use a name I will recognise in the name box and knock! I will let you in.

If you do not have a project registered with SAL, then I may not recognise your name.
You can register your UOW geospatial research online and become part of the community if you would like to participate in these sessions.

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