Dell Computers and COVID-19

Dell has provided guidance on cleaning and disinfecting Dell-branded equipment, including the display screens that form the primary part of the COWs. Critical information from the guidance includes:

  • Turn off the computer and disconnect from power.
  • Only use a MICROFIBRE cloth. Any other material can cause damage to a screen.
  • Move from the top of the display to the bottom.
  • Allow the surface to completely air-dry before turning the device back on.

The recommended solution is a mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol / 30% water.
Avoid using any of the following chemicals or products containing these chemicals as they will cause permanent damage to some product surfaces:

  • Any chlorine-based cleaner, such as bleach
  • Peroxides (including hydrogen peroxide)
  • Solvents such as; acetone, paint thinner, benzene, methylene chloride or toluene
  • Ammonia (i.e. Windex)
  • Ethyl alcohol

There is currently no information (as of May 2020) on the use of UV-C for cleaning DELL equipment. The recommended cleaning methods outlined here may cause some visible cosmetic changes but have undergone testing for efficacy and effects on the equipment.

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