SAL and Security – 2018 EoY Reminder

As we head out for the summer, there are a couple of security issues related to working in SAL that are worth reviewing. Specifically, personal security and passwords 🙂If you are working over the break, or outside standard hours at any time, the SafeZone App makes it easier to contact Security. The App is available from both the Apple and Google Play Stores and gives you the ability:

  • to request an after-dark escort to your car or the bus stop
  • request emergency assistance for yourself and someone else
  • make a first aid call

When using the TOL, only use your common name when recording your booking. The booking calendar is a public page, and the TOL is a fishbowl. After-hours, you may be the only person in that part of the building. ALWAYS keep the TOL door locked when you are working after hours and if you are concerned about something that you see or hear contact Security. There are no phones in TOL, so the SafeZone App is a great option, or you can call them directly from your mobile:

Emergencies Ph: 4221 4900
General Enquiries Ph: 4221 4555

Passwords are a topic that will always kill a good mood – but they are an essential part of managing your digital assets and controlling your online life. The Mozilla podcast IRL (In Real Life) tackled the issue this month covering all perspectives – including just giving up and not using them – for the record, not a strategy I recommend!



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