TOL Computer Refresh

The computer refresh is about to begin in the Toni O’Neill Spatial Research Lab.

If you have any data stored on the hard drives of ANY of the TOL computers that are NOT backed up somewhere go and make a backup.

The hard drives of these machines are “scratch space” so nothing will be saved from them as part of the refresh process – if you don’t rescue your data, it will be gone. Forever.

The ten computers up for refresh are:typewriter-keys

  • TOL01
  • TOL03
  • TOL04
  • TOL06
  • TOL07
  • TOL08
  • TOL09
  • TOL10 (Adobe Computer)
  • TOL11 (Adobe Computer)
  • TOL12 (Geology Computer)

Not all the upgrades will occur at once; only a few machines will be out of service at any one time.

If you need access to a particular computer at a specific time over the next few weeks, please contact me as soon as possible with your requirements.

I will provide as much notice as possible regarding the replacement of each computer.

Each computer up for refresh will be booked out using the TOL booking system as soon as its refresh period is confirmed.

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