SALtech – Sept 2017

Making Maps: The Good, The Bad, and the What the?!?

We’ve all seen them, those maps and data visualisations that have caused us to scratch our heads in bewilderment, or worse…

  • What did they mean?
  • What was this coloured line supposed to tell you?
  • Is that shape and this shape the same colour – or are they different things?
  • Why did this work for that map, but it just isn’t working for this new map I am trying to do?

The scope for potential bafflement is limitless, unfortunately  😦

And if you are confident your design / map-storytelling skills are spot on, where do those data citations need to go again?

Bring your favourite maps (good, bad, or spectacular for other reasons!) or a map you are working on (if you are feeling brave  😉  ) and come talk all things cartography and spatial data visualisation with us at the second last SALtech session for 2017!

SEES Map Library and Collaboration Space at 12pm on Tuesday 5th Sept. Don’t forget to let me know you’re coming:

[edit: rsvp form removed]

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