SALtech: GISc Model Development

Think, Plan, Act (puzzle pieces)

Hullo SALtech-ers  🙂

Tomorrow is the GISc Model Development discussion session!

When?  11am in the Map Library (11th July 2017)

So, no spatial software, no computering, just our brains, creativity and whatever you prefer to draw or make lists with. Bring your research problems and whatever works for you when it comes to brainstorming; pencil & paper, a tablet, a page from your mates notebook and a borrowed pen…

We will dicsuss some geospatial techniques you can use to get from:

  • What I have…


  • Where I hope to be

And work out what happens in the middle BEFORE you get anywhere near a keyboard 😉

As always, let me know if you are intending to turn up, and this time round, if you plan to bring a problem we can brainstorm on:
[edited to remove regitstration form]


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