SALtech sessions – roving Tuesdays

Latest update: 23rd June
The SALtech session for June has now been postponed.

A recurring meeting was been booked over the top of our regular booking by someone who is more senior than myself so I have been trying to work out a schedule around it.

As with many things geospatial, flexibility, patience and attention to detail will have to be our friends though as there is no simple solution to the scheduling situation. As  things currently stand, the next few dates are likely to be:

  • Tuesday 27th June – this is locked in, I will find another venue if necessary!
    Now changed again…
    The topics are just going to move back a month.
  • Tuesday 11th July – 1 week later than planned
  • Tuesday 8th August- 1 week later than planned
  • Tuesday 5th September – as originally planned
  • Tuesday 3rd October – as originally planned

These dates are not confirmed!

The other booking in the Map Library may disappear as suddenly as it appeared, or another may trump it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Keep an eye on the blog if you want to know what’s happening. An email will be sent out to SEES in the week before the next SALtech session for those who are members of the School.

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