So, Jan 2017, what are you up to?

While the temperatures suggest that summer is in full swing, SAL is gearing up for another year of geospatial goodness  🙂 cat_wharf

We have returned from that mysterious week in which the university goes quiet and have started working on all the things that I alluded to last year. Before I launch into reviewing some of those details, I have some very exciting news!

We have a new ‘Technical Officer – Spatial Data’   😀

As you would have seen in the email that went out late last year, Laura is no longer Spatial Data Officer’ing in SAL. Fortunately she is still frequently around the school, so we still get to see her lots.  Alex started work on Jan 3rd and will be working Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday mornings. Make sure you make him feel welcome when you see him in TOL.

On to those reminders I mentioned:

  • The upgrade to ArcGIS 10.4.1 has begun and the first computer is done – others will follow soon. To keep track of which computer is running what, visit the TOL Software Page regularly.
  • The SALtech sessions are changing format this year and will be running from March to October. If you have a particular topic you would like us to cover – let me know. You can email me or tell me when you see me. We will do our best to include it somewhere in the series this year if you do.
  • TOL Booking sheets and computer usage
    • Please record your use of the TOL computers.
      You can book a day or two in advance, or just mark up the sheets when you come in for the day. It helps other people plan their work and assists in managing the resources.
    • SDH computers – if you are using TOL02 or TOL05 and you have not completed a special SDH induction with me please contact me. These machines are not like the other TOL computers and you need to manage your data differently when working on them.
  • TOL After Hours Access
    • You need to have a research project registered with SAL to obtain after hours access to the TOL. The project registration form is available online and provides you access to a range of other resources, as well as SAL technical support.

nyresolutionsThis time of year often results in the creation of New Year’s Resolutions. If you haven’t made any but want to – my recommendation is:

I will complete the TOL booking sheet for every use of a TOL computer in 2017

Any takers?


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