Scratch Space Reminder

Within claws reachThis is a gentle reminder that the local drives (which includes the desktop!) of the machines in SAL are ScRAtcH SPaCe.

And if reading those words wasn’t the visual equivalent of nails down a chalkboard, I am going to have to try harder next time  😉

If you are not sure what scratch space is, and you have been reading it on the sign by the booking sheet all year, you need to ask more questions!

Scratch space is great, it’s that warm, convenient, cuddly space that we all take for granted at times. The thing is, these kitty images haven’t been included simply because the Internet belongs to cats. Have you have ever given a cat a few more skritches than they were after…?

Over using or relying inappropriately on computer scratch space can have similarly traumatizing results  😦

One day you’re fine, everyone’s happy, we’re all enjoying ourselves. Then suddenly it’s all hissing, tears, and searching through trails of shredded research that cannot be recovered.

None of us want that.
It’s horrible, for everyone involved.

Make sure you are backing up anything that is important from the local drives of the TOL computers. Data stored there really can disappear or break. The new TOL05 computer was rolled out late last Friday and I have been installing software on it this morning. While doing that I have discovered, somewhere in the 5-6 user profiles of those who have already used it, there lurks 150GB’s of data on the primary hard drive. With 4th year research projects due this month, losing critical data would be even more traumatic than at many other times in a project.

Happy Scratch SpacePlay nice with the scratch space and remember that a dedicated project share is available to projects registered with SAL. If your research is worth doing, the data is worth managing and worth backing up in a secure and sensible way. As always, if you need help with this, come and talk to me.

We can help you to keep your spatial data management systems purring!

:slinks from blog post giggling madly at dreadful joke…:

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