esri’s Virtual Campus is changing

Laptop, flowers, coffee cupUPDATE: new system is active!
I am able to invite you to the new Virtual Campus  😀

I am unable to provide access to the esri Virtual Campus at the moment, but hopefully access to esri online training will be back soon!

Once they return my magic powers, the way you will access courses will be a little different to the process we used before. For all of you who have courses partially completed, don’t panic! Your courses will remain available until 12 months from the date the course codes you already have were issued, exactly as you were promised. Nothing will change there.

For those who will be doing ESRI Virtual campus training in the future…

You will need to have an ESRI Global Account already set up.
This is your own account that you will manage. If you don’t have one, they are free to create and you can get one by going to and clicking on the ‘Create an Account’ tab.

If you are unsure about this, I recommend using your uowmail account (not because I can help you recover your account) so that if you do have problems, and come ask me, I will be able to suggest trying your uowmail account as the recovery email 😉

Once you have created your esri account, I will be able to invite you to ‘connect’ via the email linked to your esri account and you will have access to the esri virtual campus e-learning courses we have available.

If you are looking for refresher suggestions from the Virtual Campus range, check out the Skills Refreshers page and check for future blog posts with the tag esriVirtualCampus 🙂

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