saltech02 – webservices & Basemaps in ArcGIS

WebserviceConnectionsNext week in Session Two (Tuesday 19th July) we have Webservices and Basemaps up for discussion. Having data immediately available in ArcMap when you want it is definitely a ‘very good thing‘. However, it can pose some hidden traps for longer research projects if you are not wary!

We are going to have a look at a couple of really useful spatial data webservices and some of the more commonly used Esri Basemaps, while sharing some free roaming chat about those pitfalls I mentioned, and how they can be managed.  As well, of course,  as discussing any projects or issues you would like to share with the group. Never under-estimate the experiences of your peers!  It can be unexpected, insightful, and often hilarious, to realise just how often we all hit up against the same brickwalls, while learning how others deal with it – or perhaps… don’t. Sometimes the methods found for going around things are the most fascinating of all!

Let me know if:
a) you plan to attend, and
b) there are any other topics you need covered sooner rather than later…
(hint, hint those finishing in October!)  😉

(edit: registration form removed post event)

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