SALTECH01 2016

The first SALTECH session for 2016 will be held next’s a SALTECH session?

Glad you asked!

It’s 90 minutes, twice a fortnight during the months of July to September for us to get together and indulge in all things geospatial 🙂

More practically, it’s a regular opportunity to have a bigger discussion about geospatial technical issues that are causing difficulties in research work being done by SAL members. I have a few topics up my sleeve for next week and have some resources we can look at, but I am also interested in your suggestions and requests (either via the comments or in person) for things you would like to cover. I can’t promise we will include them (this isn’t a training session!) but we will use the info to help build the resource links if what  you ask for isn’t covered.

So, whose invited?
Anyone using location-based information as a critical element of their research work!

Want to attend?

(edit: registration form removed post event)

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