Academic Writing – help is available!

Inspired by several recent questions about writing up while I have been doing tech support in TOL, here are some resources that might help!

As with everything, key tips include:Keyboard

  1. plan your use of these resources, &
  2. allow time to get the benefit of them.

Good writing skills are universally useful, so the investment is one that will benefit you for the longer term 🙂

From Learning Development – Information for Students

Academic Writing
Cohesive Writing
Research and Thesis Writing
Common Thesis Structures
Critical Thinking, and
Time Management

The Learning Co-Op also runs seminars that can help.

An example is this one, from August this year:

Editing & proofreading your writing
This seminar focuses on how to edit your writing for content, and proofread for grammatical accuracy. A checklist will be provided to help you focus on what to look out for when editing and proofreading your writing.
Keep an eye on their calendar over your study program and register for any workshops early as they are likely to fill up.

Good writing matters.

Getting it wrong can make your reader ‘trip’ over your words and miss your key messages. Having done all the work, it would be a shame to have that be what happens at the end 😦

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