SAL Sessions

FakeBallotIf there is enough interest, we are going to try running a weekly, half-hour, informal discussion in SAL during Autumn session. In order to give these sessions the greatest chance of actually being helpful to you, below is your chance to vote for and/or nominate some topics for each week’s discussion, but more of that under the cut.

While not yet confirmed, 12pm on Wednesdays is currently the most likely time slot. If that is an awful time and you really want to take part, let me know (in the comments or in person) and, if there is consensus on another time or day, we will make that work if we can.

The suggestions in the poll are, at this stage, just suggestions. If you have a topic you’d like to have discussed, remember that we are looking at half-hour technical chats. This is not about training you to use that new tool you found, or to learn some new specific piece of equipment. It is an opportunity to discuss problems and ideas with fellow research students (and the SAL Tech Staff) that will help you with thinking about, planning, and undertaking the spatial components of your research work. If we are lucky, an academic or two may also come along 😉

There are no stupid suggestions, so don’t be shy about throwing in an idea if it would be useful for you to have a chat about it with people who may have the same questions or, even better, some good answers!

You can pick as many or as few as are relevant to you from the list, if you have more than one suggestion for a topic, chain them together, add them in the comments, or come and speak with us in SAL. Whatever works for you, we want to know what you want to talk about.

Poll responses are anonymous so, be brave and have at it:

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